Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Kings Speech- Unfinished

The Kings Speech Case Study

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  1. Em. This begins brilliantly with plenty of detail in your first two responses, then things become slightly vague. For technology introduced at all stages consider how CGI was used so sparingly in the film (balcony sequence, barrage ballons), this article discusses why THEY DID NOT go overboard with CGI

    For technology at the distribution stage, consider why the target audience for the Kings Speech are unlikely to illegally download it (it's not just because they don't know how to).

    With regards technological convergence if it isn't relevant don't mention it. Again consider why 'technology' wasn't central (like it is with Transformers and 'blockbusters') to the films success.

    For targetting audiences look back at you poster work and watch the different trailers for the US and the UK.